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Ready to launch?

Two minutes to Clean & Beyond!


Rocket Wash is the first rail-less flat conveyor car wash in our area using the newest technology in the industry. Setting Rocket Wash apart from the competition is the speed and quality of the wash. It will be like no other car wash around. Michael Willkomm explains, “From entrance to exit, it will take only two minutes to completely clean, polish and dry  a vehicle.”


How are we going to do that, you ask?  Innovation and new technology. Rocket Wash is a 140 foot long building that carries vehicles through on dual conveyor belts. No more chain and rollers that have been in car washes for decades. Added bonus?

FREE Vacuums with every wash! Houston, we have lift off! 

Happy Rocket


To provide an out-of-this-world car wash experience.

To take pride in our clean environment so you can too.

To provide you FREE Vacuums & Seasonal Mat Washers.

To deliver a cosmic clean, shiny & dry car.

To love our employees, customers and environment.

To give over the moon service.

To be good neighbors and good community members.

To exceed your expectations.

To fight the good fight and protect the world from damaging death rays one clean car at a time.

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