Out of this World


The Easiest Fundraiser Ever!

Your group can earn up to 50% on everything sold! Simply PRE-SELL our Gift Cards, Single Wash and 30 Day Unlimited Clubs.


$25 or $50 

Gift Cards Available!

Great for Gift Ideas -

Can be used towards any wash (not clubs).


Jupiter Wash - $17 

This is our Most Popular Wash - comes with all of the bells and whistles - everything on the line! 

30 DAY
Unlimited Clubs



30 Day Jupiter is only $40!  

30 Day Mars is only $25!

Use VIP Club Lane 

How it Works

1) Fill out the form below today to get started!  We’ll immediately set you up with order forms for your group to launch into action!  Including an excel tracking spreadsheet to make organizing & summarizing easy!

2) Once approved, we set a start day and your group SELLS!  Your group collects MONEY upfront. 

Note: We will only accept one check or cash for payment, so be sure to have any checks made out to your organization.

3) Upon your end date, we’ll meet to finalize the orders. Bring the excel tracking sheet — you pay us for what was sold  based on your total sales (see chart) and you keep the rest.

4) After your check clears, one week of preparation is needed to activate any gift cards and prepare the Wash Certificates before you receive your order. 

SAMPLE:  Let’s say your organization has 50 participants and they each sell 1-$50 Gift Card, 5-Jupiter Washes & 1-30 Day Jupiter Unlimited Club totaling $175 {(50+85+40) x 50 = $8750) and your organization earns $4,375!  And that’s a conservative example of what you can make … the sky is the limit!

You're a WINNER!

We want you to succeed!  We’ll give you (& your organization) everything you need to be successful!  Your group makes an easy profit and your recipients get a CLEAN & SHINY car! A Win - Win for everyone!  Fill out the form so we can get started!