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Out of this World


The Easiest Fundraiser Ever!

Your group can earn up to 50% on everything sold! Simply PRE-SELL our Gift Cards, Single Wash and 30 Day Unlimited Clubs.


$25 or $50 

Gift Cards Available!

Great for Gift Ideas -

Can be used towards any wash (not clubs).


Jupiter Wash - $18 

This is our Most Popular Wash - comes with all of the bells and whistles - everything on the line! 

30 DAY



30 Day Jupiter is only $40!  

30 Day Mars is only $25!

Use VIP Club Lane 

Unlimited Clubs

How it Works

1) Fill out the form below today to get started!

2) Once approved, we set a start day and your group SELLS!  We will e-mail order forms for your group to launch into action!  We'll include an excel tracking spreadsheet to make organizing & summarizing easy! Your group collects MONEY upfront. 

Note: We will only accept one check or cash for payment, so be sure to have any checks made out to your organization.

3) Upon your end date, e-mail us the excel tracking sheet so we can finalize the orders - you pay us for what was sold  based on your total sales (see chart) and you keep the rest.

4) After your check clears (please allow 7 days), One week of preparation is needed to activate any gift cards and prepare the Wash Certificates before you receive your order. 

SAMPLE:  Let’s say your organization has 50 participants and they each sell 1-$50 Gift Card, 5-Jupiter Washes & 1-30 Day Jupiter Unlimited Club totaling $180 {(50+90+40) x 50 = $9000) and your organization earns $4,500!  And that’s a conservative example of what you can make … the sky is the limit!

You're a WINNER!

We want you to succeed!  We’ll give you (& your organization) everything you need to be successful!  Your group makes an easy profit and your recipients get a CLEAN & SHINY car! A Win - Win for everyone!  Fill out the form so we can get started!

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