Check out how we get your vehicle so clean, shiny and bright. 

Dual Conveyor System
Dual Conveyor System

Drive on in with ease on our new cutting edge dual conveyor system.

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Rocket Fire
Rocket Fire

A conditioning pre-cleaner that aids in prepping the vehicles surface for cleaning and protective applications that will be applied later in the wash. Jupiter Wash Only.

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Lunar Ice
Lunar Ice

A protective surface gloss leaving the surface shiny and aids in drying. Jupiter Wash Only.

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Rainbow Coat
Rainbow Coat

Conditioning soap that aids in breaking through road film and grime, to prep the vehicle better for wax coatings. Jupiter & Neptune Only.

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Rocket Wax
Rocket Wax

A protective coating for the surface of the vehicle that repels against water and aids in the water beading up and falling off of the vehicle.” Protects the vehicles’ surface from harmful elements such as acid rain, UV rays, bird droppings, bugs & tree sap. Jupiter Wash Only.

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Tire Gloss
Tire Gloss

A product applied to the tires at the end of the wash that coats the tire and leaves the surface clean and shiny, lasts for several days depending on road conditions. Jupiter Wash Only.

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Dry Huggers
Dry Huggers

Soft chamois material that removes excess water droplets off of the surface of the vehicle. Jupiter Wash Only.

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Free Vacuums
Free Vacuums

FREE Vacuums with every wash purchase.

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Free Mat Washers
Free Mat Washers

Our seasonal FREE mat washers are a hit! (only during warmer months so water lines don't freeze.)

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the maximum height of vehicle that can get washed at Rocket Wash?


What kind of vehicles Rocket Wash cannot wash?

The washing system was specifically designed for Rocket Wash to accommodate the greatest variety of vehicles on the road today. Unfortunately, there are some vehicles that cannot be washed in our tunnel. Because a safe washing experience for all is our greatest concern, specific guidelines must be followed when determining if a vehicle can be washed at Rocket Wash. If you have questions regarding your vehicle, please do not hesitate to contact us. Here is a list of what we cannot wash:

  • Trailer hitches that cannot be removed prior to the wash. The wash material is too gentle for them and it can damage our equipment.
  • Vehicles with hitch-mounted bike, ski, wheel chair or equipment carriers
  • Vehicles more than 7’ tall
  • Trucks with dual rear tires
  • Vehicles with permanently affixed tri-pod style mirrors
  • Vehicles with excessive mud and mud clumps, sandy or gritty dirt or heavy ice buildups
  • Trucks or vans with ladders, ladder racks, oversized antennas, square bumper guards, winches, tires that extend outside of the body of the vehicle or vehicles with oversized "mudding" tires affixed to the rear of the vehicle
  • Trucks with fifth wheel hitch receivers
  • Vehicles with previous damage, such as rusted out holes, loose trim, loose metal, etc.
  • Some full-sized vans or other oversized vehicles such as Hummer H1s (we can wash Hummer H2s and H3s)
What our customer is responsible for:
  • Antennas or CB’s
  • Bug shields
  • Roof racks (bike, ski, luggage, etc.)
  • Modified or non-factory equipment
  • Running boards and louvers
  • Existing damage (rust, cracks, loose moldings or mirrors, etc.)

Will the Rocket Wash “brushes” scratch my car?

No. Your car’s finish is primed with eco-friendly cleaning solutions and cleaned using only specially formulated closed cell foam & soft cloth that is even softer than the rags that you would use if you washed your car yourself. These cloths are engineered to supply just the right amount of lubricity to prevent excessive friction and prevent holding materials from previous vehicles that would damage your vehicle.

What’s the material made out of that touches my car?

It is made of a specially formulated closed cell foam that is safe and gentle on your car’s surface.

What is protectant?

Protectant is a solution applied in the tunnel and provides a sacrificial barrier between your car’s clear coat and everyday elements that your vehicle encounters. Since the protectant is sprayed on, it is able to get behind trim and into corners. It also is fine enough to fill in the microscopic pores and scratches in your clear coat finish. We advise getting a new application every couple of weeks.

Will Rocket Wash remove snow and ice from my car?

The tunnel wash is specifically designed and finely tuned to remove dirt and road grime from the surface of your car. It is not designed to remove ice, snow, bird droppings, road tar and tree sap. Removing these would require far more friction than would be healthy for your car’s finish. In fact, we request that you remove snow and ice from your vehicle before coming to the car wash. Excess snow and ice can damage our tunnel equipment. It is also unsafe to drive your vehicle with a buildup of snow and ice.

Why am I asked to completely clean out the open bed of my truck?

Any loose debris in an open truck bed can be thrown from the bed and become a hazard to your truck as well as other vehicles in the wash, especially in the drying chamber.

Will you wipe my vehicle down after the wash?

A wipe down is not included with any of our exterior wash packages. We've invested much time and energy developing a vehicle drying system that will do its job and actually dry your vehicle in the wash process.

I'm so confused, which lane do I use?

Good question! Here's what to expect in each of the three lanes: Unlimited Club Lane - reserved for our Unlimited Club members, it utilizes a small radio frequency tag (RFID) applied to your windshield to identify you each time you arrive for a wash. Click HERE for more information on our Unlimited Clubs. You'll be glad you did. Cashier Lane - staffed during all open hours by one of our Crew Members who will help you select which wash best suits your needs. Also, used for purchasing gift cards or wash book cards, signing up for the Unlimited Club or making changes to your existing club membership. Auto Cashier - select your own wash or join the club using a touch-screen terminal. Simply press to select which wash, club option you'd like. Our automated lane accepts cash, credit/debit cards, as well as wash codes and gift cards. If you have a coupon, please use our Cashier Lane.

I'm a frequent user of your car wash, how can I get a discount?

Thank you for frequenting Rocket Wash! We offer the following discount opportunities:

  • Unlimited Wash Plans - our greatest discount opportunity for weekly washers! Click HERE to learn more.
  • Wash Book Cards - Our Wash Book Cards provide a free wash when you purchase five washes.
  • Gift Cards - Our Gift Cards offer a free Jupiter wash on the day of gift card purchase when you add $30 onto a single card.

I was told my vehicle was too muddy to wash. Why can't you wash muddy vehicles?

We wash a lot of dirty vehicles. However, we cannot wash vehicles with "caked-on" mud because the mud can get stuck on the cloth in our tunnel, making it impossible to clean your vehicle and any vehicles behind you. Removing the mud prior to you reaching the cloth would require us to stop the conveyor. We cannot do that because it significantly slows down the wash time for you and any other customers ahead of you on the conveyor and customers behind you. Stopping the conveyor can also be very uncomfortable for those already in the wash, especially for customers in the cloth portion of the wash. Additionally, our drainage pits and environmental treatment systems are not designed to process heavy mud. There are strict regulations we must follow to dispose of the mud we remove from your vehicle. It involves hiring a third party to pump out our system and haul off all of the debris to dispose of it properly.

Is there an Unlimited Plan available that covers more than one vehicle?

No, all Unlimited Plans are per vehicle. We've prices our Unlimited Plans to provide each vehicle with our largest discount opportunity. The plans pay for themselves after only three washes per month, and your discount grows the more you wash. You will be able to use your Unlimited Plan and any of our Rocket Wash locations.

Will your sticker interfere with any other stickers already on my windshield?

No. Our RFID (radio frequency identification) sticker will not interfere with any other stickers on your windshield. It can only be read by our system.

Do you stay open when the temperature drops below freezing?

Absolutely! We will not close due to the temperature. We only close when the driving conditions make it unsafe for our team to get to work or due to maintenance.

Why won't your employees accept my tips?

We accept your thanks, but no tips please. Our price is our price, no matter what services you purchase or the make/model that you drive. We feel it is our responsibility, not yours, to provide our team with competitive wages and a full set of benefits.

What if I don't see my question listed here?

Please Contact Us and we'll do the best to answer your questions!